Electron Beam Deposition System

The Deposition System can prepare maximum eight deposition-sources, and fabricate multilayered materials by means of the alternate deposition and the concentration-controlled alloy films by means of simultaneous deposition (co-deposition). The System consists of a sample-exchange chamber (load-lock chamber) and an evaporation chamber. Both the chambers are connected by the load-lock system, which enables to exchange samples without vent the rooms. As the fabrication of sample is done under ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions, oxidation of the sample is almost negligible even though at a low deposition rate such as less than 0. 01 nm/sec. In addition, in-situ observation of the film surface and the crystal structure can be made by the Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) System. Precise control of the thickness of the films enables the monatomic layer control through the electron beam diffraction profile.

It is expected that artificial ordered alloys, which would not found in the natural world could be fabricated by this equipement.


LEBS-600 (Biemtron co. , LTD)