About the “Hi-Tech Research Center Preparation Program”

This Program is partly supported by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and the aim is to develop the external-field-induced nano-devices through the fabrication of thin film materials, that is expected a huge displacement under the different external fields (magnetic field, electric field or temperature) and in addition, to achieve the well controlled nano-fabricated materials.

For example, the following materials are fabricated by using the Evaporation System and the Sputtering Apparatus; the shape-memory-alloy-materials including Ni-Mn-Ga system where a big displacement is expected accompanied by the temperature-change, the magnetostrictive materials where a huge displacement is obtained like (Sm, Tb, Ga)-Fe etc. by the magnetic field, the piezo-electric materials in which a large displacement is given by the electric field, the next-generation-magnetic-recording-media with isolated structure and also the metallic glass thin films to be utilized for the nano-imprinting technology.

In addition, nano-meter scale devices based on above mentioned materials are fabricated by using the Electron Beam Lithograph System and the application of them to the engineering or the medical fields etc. is examined as nano-devices which displays the functionality under the external field based on the evaluations of magnetic characteristics, elastic property and nano-structure studied by the various measuring systems.

This Program is organized interdisciplinary, and the professional research fields of the constituent members comprehend a region necessary to accomplish the projects, which extends to the evaluation of crystallographic, electric, magnetic, mechanical and dynamical characteristics, and the development to the practical device application. Therefore, by promoting this Program, the further development of the key technologies that bear the next generation such as the nano-structural control, the fabrication of model materials, nano-scale measurement and analysis, etc. are expected.

(1) Organization

Division of Engineering, Graduate School of Tohoku Gakuin University

(2) Principal Investigator

Prof. T. Kanomata

(3) Co-Investigator

  • Prof. H. Date
  • Prof. Y. Ishibashi
  • Prof. M. Kimura
  • Prof. T. Shima
  • Prof. M. Nakazawa
  • Prof. A. Hara
  • Asoc. Prof. M. Takeda
  • Asoc. Prof. H. Suzuki
  • Asoc. Prof. O. Nashima
  • Asoc. Prof. S. Yabukami
  • Asoc. Prof. H. Yamamoto
  • Asoc. Prof. Y. -H. Han
  • Lecturer Dr. S. Kuwano

(4) Research Projects

  1. Fabrication of high sensitive magnetostrictive materials and next-generation magnetic recording materials and their evaluation
  2. Exploring the magnetic field induced ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and their evaluation
  3. Fabrication of Piezo-thin film materials and their device application