Superconducting Quantum Interference Devise magnetometer (SQUID)

The methods for evaluating the magnetic properties are classified to several ones such as SQUID-method, VSM-method, and Magnetic-Valance–method. As the VSM-method and Magnetic-Valance-method are 100〜10000 times as low as the SQUID-method in sensitivity, the SQUID-method is the only one for the measurement with high sensitivity such as 10-8 emu. In addition, the SQUID has the highest sensitivity for temperature-control among them. The present SQUID apparatus enables to practice the measurement of the magnetic moment with high sensitivity (10-8 emu) by using the superconducting quantum interference device under controlling the temperature from very low temperature to nearly room temperature and controlling the magnetic field from 0 field to the maximum field of 7 Tesla. Thus the apparatus bears the development and the study of the new materials by clarifying various physical properties from the obtained magnetic moment.

This MPMS system equips the refrigerator (EverCool system) and thus keeps unnecessary injection of liquid He due to having the ability of re-condensation of the vaporized He gas, which saves the running cost and enables to work continuously for long sequence.


MPMS-XL7minHO (Quantum Design Inc. )