Nano-Indentor System

The Nano-Indentation System evaluates the mechanical properties such as an elastic property of thin film sample and fine region. Nano-indentation operation under ultra-low-load is practicable with high preciseness and enables to obtain several material factors such as hardness and Young modulus continuously as the function of the direction of depth by one-time indentation-test. The System possesses the following features on the estimation of the hardness and the Young modulus of thin film and fine area; 1) Wider range of load of 19 μN (ultra low load)〜980 mN is measurable with high preciseness by electromagnetic driving method. 2) High precision position-decision-stage and high-resolution ability are equipped. 3) The Electrostatic Capacitance Non-Contact Displacement Meter realizes the displacement resolution ability of 0. 3 nm. 4) Equipped CCD camera for observation of samples enables the position decision throughout observing the measurement-point on the monitor of personal computer. 5) Ultra-high-precision-stage driven by stepping motor enables to measure fully automatically the plural numbers of measurement-points.

These excellent characteristics have high abilities for the measurements of the hardness and the Young modulus in ultra thin films and fine region for metals, ceramics and polymeric materials.


ENT-1100a-T (Elionics Inc. )