X-ray Diffraction System with 2 Dimensional Detector

The evaluation of the crystal structure of the materials, such as the thin film and bulk samples by using an X-ray diffractometry is fundamental and essential for the research and development of the material. The System can easily respond to the various evaluating methods by module-change of the pre-aligned several optical instruments such as the two dimensional PSPC (Position Sensitive Proportional Counter). The System enables the highly precise measurement by using the high-intensity parallel beams that control the scattering of the X-ray due to the curved-multilayer-mirror (Goebel mirror).

Thus the System enables the high-degreed structure-estimation against the various materials and devices under development. The measurable methods in this system are as follows; the orientation analysis, the reflection-rate measurement, the high-resolution X-ray diffraction and the inclined-incident X-ray diffraction. The continuous measurements of many samples are practicable with excellent efficiency. In addition the mapping measurement on the reciprocal lattice space is easily possible with short time though usually very long time and heavy effort are needed by using the common detector. The measurement using the present system enables to carry out such as the orientation analysis of the crystal, the stress-measurement of epitaxial film, decision of the mirror direction of the single crystal and identification of the unknown crystalline structure.


Bruker D8 Discover (Bruker Inc. )