Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)

The PPMS system was designed to perform the various kinds of physical property measurements by selecting the instrument-units according to the user’s needs. Sample environment controls include magnetic fields up to ± 9 Tesla and temperature range from liquid He temperature (4. 2K) to 400K. Varieties of automated measurements such as the electrical property, the magnetic property and the specific heat measurement (optional) are available. For the measurement of the electrical property, electrical resistance, Hall effect, I-V curve and other type measurements that depend on the user’s idea are available including the angle-dependent measurement. The excellent measurements of electric transport properties can be performed. The measurements of AC-resistance, 4-5 terminal Hall effect, I-V curve and critical current are practicable by the introduction of the AC transport unit. The measurements of van-der-Pauw resistance and four-terminal resistance are also possible by the introduction of the DC-resistance measurement system.

Fully automatic angular dependent-measurement of magnetic-torque property is also available with high sensitivity for the small anisotropic samples (such as single crystals and thin films) by the torque magnetometer unit. Generally, the liquid He is necessary for the measurements at low temperature (down to Liquid He temperature) and for the cooling of a superconducting magnet, this PPMS system equips with a refrigerator (EverCool system, re-condensation system of a He gas), which saves the running cost and enables to work continuously without transferring procedure.


PPMS-9 (Quantum Design Inc. )