Data Analysis Tools (Tools for fitting function models to data)



In science, the principal aim to analyze the data measured in the experiments or the observations is to find a certain rule behind the data and the clarification of the theory or the model to explain the rule. Applying the function model including unknown parameters to the measured data provides the effective alternatives to the model clarification.

These applications are aimed to offer the tools for fitting function models to the measured data mainly. In addition, the tools for the other data analyses, such as calculations of basic statistics or drawing graphs, can be used.

Please use these tools on your own responsibility.

These applications are written by JavaTM. You can execute these applications on your computer. To execute, refer to Usage below.

Tools for fitting function models to data

You can use these tools to fit function models to data sets. In addition, you can use these tools to calculate basic statistics, to draw a histogram, a scatter plot and so on.

You can use following applications.


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